Jerry Kaiser [ Business & System Analyst ]

Jerry is our dedicated Business & System Analyst, who has spent the last four years doing his part to build and maintain Orissa’s reputation as North America’s leading provider of workforce accommodation management software. At work, Jerry enjoys finding and providing tailored solutions for each client’s unique requirements. At home, he spends the majority of his time refereeing disputes between his two cats and his budgie — one problem for which he has yet to find a solution.

Jennifer Thompson [ Receptionist and Office Administrator ]

When you call Orissa, the person you will likely speak to is Jennifer. As our Receptionist and Office Administrator, Jennifer loves the variety that her position offers. When not at work, Jennifer apparently takes many road trips, as she has proclaimed herself to be “exceptionally gifted” at the road-trip game, ’20 Questions’. The next time you speak to her, feel free to test her expertise.

Shadi Mirnezhad [ Support Desk Analyst ]

As Orissa’s Support Desk Analyst, Shadi can be likened to a Jedi—one who finds peace and fulfillment in helping restore order for others. In layman’s terms, Shadi enjoys the challenge of meeting every client’s unique needs. The force is strong with Shadi, as she has the uncanny ability to absorb new knowledge quickly and easily. It is thus no surprise that she spends her free time traveling the universe and acquiring knowledge from difference cultures and countries.

Chris Keeping [ Support Desk Analyst Tier 3 ]

Chris is a Support Desk Analyst, who loves going outside-of-the-box to solve unique client challenges. For him, there is no bigger thrill than the feeling that comes from truly helping a client. While he loves hitting the nail on the head at work, he also loves going outside the box in his spare time. Chris is a novice wood-worker, who has the ambition of building a big, fancy dining room table. The rest of the team is eagerly awaiting their upcoming dinner invitation.