How it Works

VICTUS™ makes it easy for project owners and subcontractors to submit room requests at registered workforce lodging facilities from anywhere in the world — all you need is an Internet connection.

VICTUS™ works hand-in-hand with Orissa’s CampWare™, a fully integrated software solution for managing lodging operations at remote workforce facilities. This means that any lodging facilities already using CampWare™ to administer accommodation, food service, and guest management needs will be able to seamlessly and securely connect with VICTUS™ to share data and check availability in real-time.

With VICTUS™, you can:

  • Receive automatic, real-time confirmation of room availability
  • Instantly cancel or modify a request or reservation
  • Quickly and easily perform individual or group room booking requests
  • Expedite arrivals, check-in and departure processes
  • Generate reports to show forecasted usage and availability at designated lodging facilities
  • Access localized data without having to store it at a central location, through the use of cloud computing
  • Keep a up-to-date and accurate records of occupancy departures, reservation arrivals, overstays and more