How it Works

CampWare™ is an enterprise application that uses a shared database to keep track of guest-related information in workforce housing facilities. Its primary purpose is to manage guest information and ensure accurate billing to the guests’ employers, such as subcontractors on long-term construction or operations sites. Its capabilities extend well beyond capturing lodging charges to account for anything from casual meals to extra meals and room damage charges — all of which can be billed directly to the employer.

A robust database engine, a simple application interface for users, and a vast variety of management information reports provides both the camp housing/catering provider and the camp’s ownership unparalleled precision and accuracy in personnel management, facility management, and segmented invoicing.

CampWare™ uses bar code, proximity card, or smart card technologies, making it easy to associate valuable personnel and facility data with each card. Card readers can be used for site security and control, room and building access, timekeeping, and other applications where human traffic needs to be controlled or monitored.