Orissa’s CampWare™ suite of productivity tools provides a fully integrated, scalable software solution tailored to the accommodation management, food service, and guest management needs of remote lodging facilities.

Built for high-occupancy facilities such as oil and gas and mining camps, CampWare™ expedites guest management functions such as check-in and registration, dorm and room management, food service attendance tracking, invoicing, and more.

In many ways, CampWare™ resembles front-desk systems commonly used by hotels. But the key difference is that CampWare™ is specifically designed to suit the unique business needs of workforce housing operations. At Orissa, we draw on our significant industry expertise, and over a decade of product development, to deliver accommodation management software solutions that satisfy the requirements of both site owners and camp operators.

CampWare™ is fully integrated with Gemstone Logistics’ CIRYS travel and rooms management tool, allowing project owners to utilize an end-to-end solution for their flight and accommodation reservations.